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About Untangled Yoga

Our daily lives can cause us to hold tension in our bodies – either from poor posture, stress, or a hard workout. At Untangled Yoga, we will coach you through a series of movements that will help restore mobility in your tight places.

Who practices yoga? Someone who is:

  • living under daily stress, needing relief for a tight, tense body
  • working to tone up and build lean muscles
  • looking for a peaceful space in the week to quiet the mind and breathe

Here at Untangled Yoga we practice for all these reasons. We would love to help you determine your goals and achieve them!

Untangled Yoga is not:

  • a mystic journey into eastern religion
  • a members-only club for hippies (though we do love groovy people!)
  • a cure for your every ailment or a replacement for medical treatment or physical therapy

Untangled Yoga is:

  • an environment where you can be intentionally quiet and listen to your body
  • a great place to meet normal people who are concerned about their wellness
  • a significant component in a well-rounded, physically-fit lifestyle